They have earned top grades, exhibited exceptional character and served as leaders in the school and community – traits that earned nearly 100 high school students membership into the National Honor Society.

During an induction ceremony held in the high school auditorium on Jan. 20, the students were recognized for their achievements. NHS officers served as the hosts, and Board of Education President Philip Bellisari, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund and High School Principal Dr. Kieran McGuire were the guest speakers.

NHS President Arthur Babcock and Vice President Pamela Guerra ran the evening with the poise of professional event hosts. Guerra spoke about the theme of the 2016 National Honor Society Leadership Week: "Right Here, Right Now." This theme, she explained, promotes the idea that if students use their time right now to act for their school and community, the reward later on will be even greater. 

“You have already shown an aptitude for sacrificing immediate gratification, which has allowed you to succeed in your schoolwork, extracurricular activities and service to the community,” she told the inductees. “So far, you have gained the knowledge that you will often need to work hard toward a goal, and you have looked ahead for the reward instead of impatiently expecting it in that same moment.”

A musical interlude impressed the inductees and guests, as student-musicians performed the first movement of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s challenging String Sextet in A major. The six-member ensemble included senior Marconi D'Auria-Gupta and junior Rebecca Lewis on viola, senior Carmine D'Auria-Gupta and sophomore Abigail Flicker on violin, and senior Francesco D'Auria-Gupta and sophomore Leonardo D'Auria-Gupta on cello. 

The evening included the honor society’s traditional candle-lighting ceremony, in which the National Honor Society officers explained the traits represented by each candle before lighting them and then sharing that light with each inductee. Jessica Cameron, Michael Shearer, Kristin Scott and Alexandra Guido spoke about scholarship, service, leadership and character, respectively. The pledge of the National Honor Society was administered by Dr. McGuire.

Congratulations to these exceptional students on this extraordinary honor!