Seventh-grader Shannon MacArthur knows her way around a map, and she proved it when she earned first place in Locust Valley Middle School’s 20th annual Geography Bee. Shannon is now qualified to move on to the state level of the bee, for which she will take a written exam online.

Participants in the school-wide geography bee earned their spots by winning bees in their individual classrooms. Shannon had some tough competition, which proves that students are absorbing the lessons taught in social studies classes.

Students knew that the Battle of Little Bighorn was fought in Montana and that if they have the desire to see maple sap being harvested and also go skiing in the Green Mountains, they would need to head north to Vermont. Their knowledge didn’t stop with national geographic facts, as they also knew that the Great Barrier Reef is located off the coast of Australia and that the Gulf of Mexico is located on the continent of North America.

“The success of the students in this geography bee confirms that geographic skills are essential, useful and very important to master,” said Social Studies Coordinator David Ethé. “It also reminds them that learning can be fun.”