Students at Bayville Primary School are voluntarily staying after school to participate in a math club that is so much fun, they don’t realize they are learning. Crazy 8s, a program designed by the nonprofit Bedtime Math Foundation, provides children with an opportunity to participate in creative activities that require using math skills to complete. Bayville parent Anikó Nagy introduced the program to the school.

Run by two volunteer parents and Assistant Principal Dorothy McManus, the club allows students to see math in a different way than they see it in the classroom. Ms. McManus said they don’t even realize they are doing math. On one afternoon, students acted as human hands on a clock, learning to tell time. Another day, the club members joined in the gymnasium for the Toilet Paper Olympics, an activity in which they rotated to various stations that each used squares of toilet paper as measuring tools. For example, they measured their heads, their height and how far they could jump. On yet another afternoon, these young mathematicians built their own sling shots and measured how far they could sling a marshmallow. They used the floor tiles to measure the distance.

“The club members are having so much fun, learning new math skills and making new friends,” she explained. “The fifth-graders are learning leadership skills and the value of community service.”

The club has been a tremendous success, with almost 70 students participating over two days each week. Ms. McManus said a new session will begin soon so that more children can enjoy the experience.