Kindergartners at Bayville Primary School got a visit from the "pumpkin lady," along with a lesson they’ll likely never forget. Jennifer Carpenter of Schmitt Farms brought pumpkins for each student and taught them about the life cycle of the gourd, which reinforced a unit of study they have been working on in library research.

While sitting on the school lawn with their pumpkins, it was clear that the kindergartners had been paying attention in school by their ability to answer Carpenter's questions. They had an opportunity to see what a pumpkin looks like in each stage of its life cycle, from seed to vine to pumpkin flower to small green pumpkin, the final stage before ripening and turning orange. 

“This was a great opportunity for the children to connect real life with what they had been learning about in books,” said kindergarten teacher Stacey Eno. 

Following the pumpkin patch presentation, students participated in extension activities with their classes by observing the characteristics of their pumpkins, painting pumpkins and carving a class jack-o’-lantern.