When IB exams ended in May, learning did not stop. Students throughout the high school continued delving into topics that could make a difference in their lives, or in one case, in the environment. 

Veronica Campi’s second year IB Biology students took on a post-exam project that concentrated on plastic pollution. The class, which included many seniors, worked in groups to create public service announcements and took a field trip to Stehli Beach to clean up the litter. Data was collected using the Ocean Conservatory’s data cards, used by the environmental organization to educate people and create solutions to solid waste and litter. 

Ms. Campi said that at first, she wasn’t sure her students would be receptive to taking on such a project at the end of senior year, however, she soon discovered that they shared her enthusiasm for the project. “After viewing some of their work, I came to the conclusion that they enjoyed themselves and have become involved.”