In celebration of National Inclusive Schools Week, LVCSD students participated in lessons and activities focusing on overcoming challenges and disabilities, treating those with differences as equals, and learning not to exclude anyone for being different.

At Ann MacAthur Primary School, librarian Devon Gallagher read stories that focused on inclusion, including the book “One” by Katherine Otoshi. In this colorful story, the color red picks on the color blue and the other colors don’t like what they see. As Ms. Gallagher read the story, students answered questions about what the other colors should do stop red from picking on blue. As the story went on, they discovered the best ways to handle such situations and why the different colors are really so different.

At Bayville Primary School, students created a bulletin board highlighting special traits of students and staff. Filled with colorful drawings and powerful words, the board is a reminder that everyone has something special to offer. From being kind to being a great artist, students learned that they each have something to make the community more special. 

Students in each of the other schools participated in lessons that focused on inclusiveness as well. Middle School Principal H. Thomas Hogan explained that the idea of treating everyone equally is reinforced in everyday lessons. “This lesson is reinforced throughout the school year,” he said. “This is an excellent opportunity to highlight those lessons.”