Sixth-grade students learned first-hand that communication and cooperation can be the keys to success. The students took a field trip to the BOCES Outdoor and Environmental Education Center where they used teamwork and problem-solving skills to accomplish tasks, such as balancing on a tight rope and maneuvering around a man-made spider web. 

Health teacher Laura Vera organized the trip in order to reinforce the concepts taught in all of the middle school courses. “The activities the students participated in at the BOCES center provide them with the opportunity to discover how working together to solve problems can lead to success,” Ms. Vera said. “These are behaviors we want the students to practice every day.”

At the BOCES facility, the students were broken up into small groups, each working with a naturalist who guided them through a variety of activities meant to encourage them to think outside of the box and work together. While traversing obstacles with their classmates spotting them, providing directions and offering support, the sixth-graders completed their tasks with smiles and a sense of accomplishment.