Fourth-graders at Bayville Intermediate School were recently treated to a fun-filled day that focused on the New York Native American way of life. There were many hands-on activities for the students that included game playing, pottery making and Native American dancing and singing. The fourth-grade curriculum includes a unit on the Eastern Woodland (New York) Native Americans.

Students had the opportunity to walk through a longhouse, touch beaver and deer skins, dress like the Native Eastern Woodland Indians and hold weapons that this tribe used to hunt and fish.  

To start the experience, two members of the Comanche tribe showed the fourth-graders an abundance of Native American artifacts and discussed the Iroquois culture and its history. “It was also a great lesson on how our own United States government was established since the United States Constitution is based on the Iroquois Great Law of Peace,” explained fourth-grade teacher Maureen Pedersen. “It was a wonderful day for the children, experiencing the Eastern Woodlands culture firsthand and having fun while learning.”