The high school’s Science Olympiad team competed against 50 high schools, with two students earning a medal in Materials Science. The Science Olympiad Regional Division C Competition, held Feb. 3 at Wantagh High School, included writing, building and laboratory events spanning every scientific discipline.

Students worked in groups of two to three during each event to accomplish their goals. Tasks included:

Building vehicles based on specific regulations and racing them for an unknown length in the quickest amount of time.
Building catapults based on air pressure with the goal of shooting a ping-pong ball an unknown distance at a marked target.
Building bridges according to specific guidelines to sustain weight being hung from them.
Competing in discipline-specific knowledge exams.
Performing laboratory experiments to determine unknown chemical and biological substances. 

Coaches Walter Gurzynski and Courtney McKay prepared the students for the competition. Medal winners William Fitzgerald and Ravi Prasad excelled in their event, which tested their knowledge of the properties and characteristics of metals, ceramics, polymers and composite materials, with a focus on material characterization techniques, intermolecular forces and surface chemistry.

Other members of the Science Olympiad team participating in the events were Clark Brennan, Nils Coffey, Jack Manning, Ryan Maselli and William Trampel.