All of our buildings have been checked inside and out. As indicated previously, security has been heightened by administration and by security guards.
Although the police continue to say that this threat is "unrealistic," we are implementing precautionary measures and will continue to do so throughout the day and tonight for Parent-Teacher Conferences at the MS/HS.
Police have also indicated that they will increase patrols to all school districts in the county, given the nature of the threat.
Sad that someone would derive any satisfaction from threatening children and the rest of us, but increasingly that's the world that we live in.

The Nassau County Police Department has informed us of the following:

"NCPD received notification late on 11/20 from an individual who claims he heard an unidentified male say he "put bombs in every school in Nassau and set them to go off tomorrow."  This information is unconfirmed and seems unrealistic, however all schools are advised to be alert to suspicious packages and/or persons. Any suspicious packages and/or persons should be reported via 911 immediately."

We will continue to monitor this situation very closely.

Although all LVCSD schools will be open today, we will implement additional safety measures.

Anna Hunderfund
Superintendent of Schools