With beautiful music, poems and gestures, the school community honored those who have served our country in patriotic ceremonies.  Members of the band, chorus and orchestra at Bayville and Locust Valley Intermediate Schools provided the melodic backdrop for outdoor programs that involved students, staff and parents, as well as local veterans.

At Locust Valley Intermediate School, Veteran Joe Rydzewski shared his thoughts on Memorial Day expressing how honored he has been to be a part of various Memorial Day events. At Bayville Village Hall, members of the Bayville American Legion joined the elementary school festivities.  

Dressed in red, white and blue and carrying American flags, students on both sides of town, laid flowers at the base of their flagpoles to honor those who fought for our freedom.

Schools will be closed on Monday and we hope all of our families will enjoy their celebrations that are possible only because of the those who sacrificed for others.