Halloween at Bayville Intermediate School was more intellectual than it was spooky. Teachers and teaching assistants dressed in costumes that served as clues to a school-wide geography contest. 

Each staff member represented a different state and provided clues so students could guess which state it was. The adults paraded onto the stage in the school’s auditorium to present their clues one at a time. The students wrote down their guesses and teachers revealed the answers following the assembly.

Principal Scott McElhiney wore a giant foam finger that said #1 and told the students he was the first state (Delaware). There was a Statue of Liberty (New York), Steamboat (Mississippi), a Hershey’s kiss (Pennsylvania) and a red chicken (Rhode Island) among the costume clues. Of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween without a witch (Massachusetts). 

“The teachers and the students had a lot of fun with this creative geography lesson,” said Mr. McElhiney. “We know that on Halloween children this age group is not focused on their lessons. The teachers came up with a successful way to incorporate learning into the day while letting the students enjoy Halloween at the same time.”