High school students joined together to show their school spirit during the “Locust Valley Cares” themed Green & White Night on Jan. 26. The focus was on fun and camaraderie, which was achieved through athletic competitions and trivia games.

While students benefitted from the fun, the event’s fundraising efforts will benefit those in need. Participants brought canned foots to donate to the St. Gertrude’s Food Pantry. From rice, soup and pasta to coffee, condiments and vegetables, the donations were generous.

With attendees representing grades 9-12, students were split into two teams. The green and white teams had friendly competitions in volleyball, dodge ball, free throw shooting and a hula-hoop contest. Since LVHS students excel in athletics and academics, the teams also competed in Kahoot, an academic-based game that was played using Google Chromebooks.

Assistant Principal Lisa Czerniecki said the event was a great success. “Students exercised their physical and mental muscle as they competed against high school peers. Everyone enjoyed the camaraderie and friendly competition.” 

High School Principal Dr. Kieran McGuire pointed out that the event’s success was due in part to the efforts of several staff members including Joseph Enea, Lisa Czerniecki, Jennifer Masa, Rachel McShane, Stephanie (Kalish) Scavelli, Ashley Cannone, and Roseann Grasso. These faculty members ordered the pizza, distributed green and white t-shirts and tallied scores. Bob Taylor set up the scoreboard and cleaned the gymnasium at the conclusion of the event.