While families prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving with food and fun, students are learning about the history of the holiday and what it means to be thankful. By collaborating, teachers have brought all of the areas of the curriculum together to create and fun and nurturing environment while the children learn. Art, music, writing and reading all played a role in the celebrations at the elementary schools.

Kindergarteners at Ann MacArthur Primary School performed Thanksgiving songs for their families before enjoying a feast of vegetable soup that they prepared from scratch with a little help from their teachers. Students at Bayville Primary School had a school-wide feast wearing Pilgrim Caps and Native American headdresses that they created. During the feast, they furthered their art skills while coloring holiday themed pictures before dining on traditional Thanksgiving foods.

Bayville Primary students also helped each other discover things to be thankful for. The students in Carolyn Morales’ second-grade class helped kindergarten students write down the things they were thankful for. The students sat in pairs and as Tracy Dennis’ kindergarteners said what they were thankful for, the second graders told them how to spell the words. The students each wrote their messages of thanks on a feather-shaped piece of paper that was then attached to a giant paper turkey for display in the school lobby. 

With the aromas of the holiday foods, the sounds of songs about giving thanks and the colorful artwork of turkeys, this holiday season was filled with joy. 

We wish each of our families a very happy Thanksgiving!