At recent Board of Education meetings, the Board has been presented with suggested capital improvement projects throughout the district and various options for funding such projects. The administration has been considering how to perform necessary capital improvements, many of which have health and safety implications associated with them.
Superintendent Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund has presented the options for funding such projects, which also included an explanation of how the list of projects was created. An evaluation of the district’s facilities by architects identified many needs. Requests from faculty, students, parents, community groups and other residents were also considered. The list is a work in progress. Items may be removed or added. Suggested projects were broken down into the categories of Health/Safety, Energy Savings, Program Enhancement and Other.
Dr. Hunderfund explained that as the Board of Education has done in the past, in the event that the Board of Education approved some or all of the projects, the Board would also need to decide which funding sources they would utilize. Funding options include the capital budget, capital reserves, performance contracts, a bond or gifts/donations or a combination of these. Renee Marcus of the architectural firm H2M has presented the scope of possible capital improvement projects and the needs and benefits associated with each.
The presentations, which are attached, are from the Board of Education meetings and include a tentative list of possible projects and cost estimates. The estimates include professional fees, labor, construction and materials costs, prevailing wages, insurance and a contingency for unforeseen circumstances. 
The Board has held several public meetings to discuss the projects and the funding options. They will consider the needs/benefit analysis, desired completion calendar, funding availability and fiscal implications.
Community members are encouraged to attend the next public meeting on Sept. 21 to learn more and share their opinions:
All meetings will be held at 8 p.m. in the Middle School/High School Mini-Theater.
Sept. 7
•      Funding
o   Alternate Sources
o   Advantages/Disadvantages
o   Fiscal Implications
Sept. 14
•      Board Discussion
o   Desired Scope of Projects
o   Desired Construction Calendar
o   Desired Funding Source(s)
Sept. 21
•      Board Decision
o   Desired Scope of Projects
o   Desired Construction Calendar
o   Desired Funding Source(s)