Third graders in Shari Zindman’s class at Locust Valley Intermediate School were named Grand Champions in the 31st Annual Walt Whitman Birth Place Student Poetry Contest. Mrs. Zindman has guided her classes to first place in this contest for 26 years.

The young poets were tasked with writing free form poetry based on the theme “Dreams.” The poems could not rhyme, but rather needed to use poetic prose, similes, metaphors and figurative language. The students produced a book with all of their poems, which described their dreams of becoming basketball players, baseball players, astronauts, artists and teachers. 

Mrs. Zindman said she is extremely proud of her students for the effort they put forth in this project. “Through hard work and countless hours, their success was told in winning Grand Champion, which is first place in the third- and fourth-grade category.” 

The class was presented with an award during the Walt Whitman Birthday Celebration at the Walt Whitman Birthplace State Historic Site in Huntington Station. The Board of Education recognized the students at its meeting on June 14.