Students in kindergarten through second grade were all smiles and enthusiasm as they learned about fire protection from the firefighters themselves. The Bayville Fire Company brought two fire trucks to Bayville Primary School for students to explore, while the Locust Valley Fire Department invited students from Ann MacArthur Primary School to their firehouse for a tour. 

In both instances, the firefighters shared important safety tips with the children. Calling 911, having a family meeting place outside of the home, and remembering to stop, drop and roll if caught in fire or smoke were just some of the reminders. The visits enhanced the curriculum, which includes learning about fire safety. 

“The lessons shared will be memorable thanks to the fun the firefighters provided,” said Bayville Primary School Assistant Principal Dorothy McManus. “Sitting on the trucks and wearing firefighter helmets helps the important safety tips stick in their minds.”

Thank you to the Locust Valley Fire Department and the Bayville Fire Company for teaming up with the school district to keep our community safe!