Fifth graders donned their best clothes, their biggest smiles and tremendous amounts of pride as they celebrated the completion of elementary school and looked ahead to a new beginning at middle school.

At Bayville and Locust Valley Intermediate Schools, graduates performed musical numbers, were highlighted in slideshows and were each recognized for their attributes.

Board of Education trustee Kerian Carlstrom addressed the graduates at each school, encouraging them to be “open” to new opportunities. Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund told students that she was working to implement some of the improvements they suggested to her, such as better WiFi and more athletic equipment. Drawing on her own experiences and mistakes as a middle school student, she gave them sound advice for the fall. “Practice using a combination lock over the summer and write down the combination to your school lock,” she said. “And whatever you do, don’t keep that piece of paper in a book that you are going to put in your locker!”

Mrs. Carlstrom, Dr. Hunderfund and each of the other speakers assured the students that the hard work they have done in elementary school had prepared them for the rigors of middle school.

Each Principal and Assistant Principal expressed how much the students would be missed and shared memories of field trips, experiments and traditions that they all enjoyed together over the past six years.

Please click on the slideshows below to see the beautiful boys and girls that can now call themselves sixth graders.