Numerous middle school and high school students were recognized for earning high scores on the National Foreign Language Exams. High School junior Arthur Babcock earned second place nationally for his exceptional performance on the National Italian Contest and received a $200 prize. Arthur is the first Locust Valley High School student to achieve at such a high level on this exam.

These exams, administered nationwide, recognize achievement in the study of French, Italian and Spanish and promote proficiency. Students voluntarily participate every year to further their learning of these languages.

Congratulations to their teachers as well: Ms. Adames, Ms. Aiello, Ms. Angelo, Ms. Bressel, Ms. Portente, Ms. Rose and Mr. St. Denis.

The following students earned recognition:

National Italian Contest Exam

Locust Valley High School:

Arthur Babcock, Second Place 

Sarah Bernal, Honorable Mention 

Charlotte Creedon, Honorable Mention 

Quinlan Ferrante, Honorable Mention 

Matthew Rizzo, Honorable Mention 

Nicholas Rizzo, Honorable Mention 


National Spanish Exam

Locust Valley Middle School:

Dania Alvarado-Ruedas, Bronze 

Catherine Glynn, Honorable Mention 

Alim Merchant, Silver 

Joanna Yu, Honorable Mention  

Locust Valley High School:

Elisabeth Baumann, Honorable Mention  

Bridget Bianco, Honorable Mention  

Nicholas Chisari, Bronze                   

Lily D'Addario, Honorable Mention  

Lucas Ferrante, Honorable Mention  

Karen Juarez, Silver                      

Caroline Martocci, Bronze                   

Olivia Proko, Honorable Mention  

Shannon Simak, Honorable Mention  

Caroline Tarmeno, Honorable Mention  

Celia Vasquez, Honorable Mention  

Le Grand Concours (French)

Locust Valley Middle School:

Kyra Schmeizer, Honorable Mention