The LVCSD Board of Education honored members of the staff retiring this year along with those celebrating 25-,30-, 35- and 40-year anniversaries.

Board of Education trustees introduced the honorees at the annual Retirement Dinner on June 12th. Board of Education President Erika Bruno also introduced outgoing Board of Education trustees Philip Bellisari, Douglas Johnson and Maria Segura. 

Speeches highlighting professional accomplishments and sharing personal touches about each honoree were read aloud to an audience of colleagues, friends and family members. Each honoree was thanked for their hard work and dedication and a few tears were shed.

Congratulations to the following honorees:

Nancy Allotta, Francine Alonge, Vincent Crici, Barbara Fahlbusch, John Fuery, Joan Genova, Barbara LaBella, Pamela Lasko, William Margiotta, Patricia Murray, Catherine Petrocelli, Valerie Portente, Mary Ann Rossetti, Deborah Smith, Ricki Sokol and Denise Tuozzolo.
25-Year Anniversary
Carlyn Gordon, Lynda Hickey, Karen Kriesberg, Evelyn Mason and Mary Jo Roth
30-Year Anniversary
Theresa Wectawski
35-Year Anniversary
Mary Greco and Mary Ann Rossetti
40-Year Anniversary
JoAnn Morley