Nearly 90 middle school students earned acceptance into the National Junior Honor Society and were inducted into the prestigious organization during a traditional ceremony on Feb. 8.

Honored guests, including Board of Education President Brian T. Nolan, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund and Middle School Principal Howard H. Hogan, took the podium to praise the inductees for their hard work.

NJHS officers led the ceremony, describing the five pillars that members are required to embody and lighting candles for each one. President Michael McGlone lit the candle for scholarship; Vice President Nicole Berritto for service; Secretary Meghan Murray for leadership; Treasurer Tanner Rave for character; and Service Officer Noelle Valdinoto for citizenship.

Mr. Hogan said that the inductees are especially devoted to their success, spending their own time at extra help sessions and diligently completing assignments no matter how busy or tired they may be. He led the inductees in the pledge as each of them lit their own candle to mark their acceptance into the society.

Helping to oversee the ceremony were NJHS advisors Jennifer Tichy and Kelley Grassi, who work with the honor society members throughout the year to ensure they uphold the five pillars that serve as the organization’s foundation.