Second-graders at Ann MacArthur Primary School may not mind visiting the dentist after learning the benefits that come from taking care of your teeth. An entertaining and animated presentation by Dr. Laura C. Sotomayor reinforced the importance of brushing, flossing, eating healthy foods and visiting the dentist for regular checkups. 

Dr. Sotomayor started her presentation by sharing a photo of herself when she was a student at Ann MacArthur Primary School. The children were amazed and immediately drawn to what this friendly doctor had to say. An orthodontist in Locust Valley, Dr. Sotomayor explained that she first learned to be a dentist before specializing in orthodontics. Her presentation included a plaque “monster” that could be kept away by brushing twice daily for two minutes and learning to floss. 

When students asked questions about their teeth falling out, she assured them this was normal and healthy. She added that if a baby tooth had a cavity, they would get a second chance with the adult tooth that replaced it. Dr. Sotomayer provided dental gift bags for all the children.

Locust Valley Elementary School Principal Dr. Sophia Gary said that the curriculum includes lessons on hygiene, and having Dr. Sotomayor visit to reinforce these classroom lessons helps keep the students engaged. “The students will remember the important tips she provided for keeping their teeth healthy,” she said.