The Locust Valley High School fashion club earned second place in the annual Bra-Ha-Ha competition held in Manhattan. The event, which the club has participated in for several years, is sponsored by the Karen Allen Donovan Foundation to support breast cancer research.  The club members were recognized by the Board of Education at its Dec. 14 meeting.

The fashion club students held bake sales to raise the money for the contest admission fee of $25. Club advisor Melanie Mooney said the group wanted to do something unique and challenging for this year’s competition and decided on a space theme. “We named the bra "Venus" after the powerful mythical goddess in Sandro Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus," this being symbolic toward all of the strong and brave women fighting this life-threatening illness," said Ms. Mooney.

The students worked collaboratively on their submission and used a variety of mediums in their creation. The bra has a painted galaxy with the correct proportions and locations of the planets and real lights that illuminate for the stars. The team also wrote an artist statement about the bra.

"The students really love this fundraiser/art challenge while promoting breast cancer awareness and empowering women by having the inner "Venus" inside each of us show our strength and bravery," said Ms. Mooney. Congratulations to Victoria Campanella, Abby Flicker, Danya Karch, Grace Yeager and Ms. Mooney on this creative and wonderful accomplishment.