For the 28th year, Locust Valley High School students took to the podium to lobby for their favorite causes. From anti-fracking to gun control and abortion rights to national health care, the social studies students tackled relevant topics that are at the forefront of national politics. 

Preparing for weeks in their classrooms, they created a realistic replica of the congressional system during the annual Congress in Action. With the support and guidance of their teachers, members of the Participation in Government and AP United States Government and Politics classes chose the bills that they would present for passage and lobbied their congress members to vote in their favor. Participants were given the opportunity to support or oppose each bill presented using facts and opinions. 

Social studies department leader David Ethé said the annual event provides students with insight into the inner workings of the government. He added that preparing for Congress in Action reinforces research and public speaking skills as well as keeping students aware of current events. “In order to be successful in passing a bill, students must know their facts and present them in a professional manner,” Mr. Ethé explained. “They will need these same skills to convince college admissions officers and prospective employers that they are the top candidates.” 

The Rules Committee kept order and collected and tallied votes. The committee was comprised of Christian Ceglia, Isabella Charon, Loretta Grassi, Anastasia Megaloudis, Fizzah Munawar, Abigail Picoli, Alexis Poulos and Julia Villella.