One of the highest achieving classes in recent history graduated from Locust Valley High School on June 25, celebrating a milestone that marks the end of one era of their lives and the beginning of another.

The members of the Class of 2016 beamed with pride as they listened to speakers offer words of wisdom for the future while reviewing the numerous achievements the class has attained as individuals and as groups.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund shared that as a group, the Class of 2016 earned scholarships totaling just under $11.8 million from universities and community organizations. She shared that 100 percent of the graduates earned Regents diplomas and 84 percent earned Regents diplomas with distinction, the highest percentage in the history of the school. Board of Education President Philip Bellisari reminded everyone of how the community joined together in pride to support the undefeated football and lacrosse teams, both of which included many members of the senior class.  

Principal Dr. Kieran McGuire addressed the students with words of encouragement for the future. He told them that fortitude of courage requires endurance in the face of challenges. “Approach the future with vision, with value and with character,” he advised.

Valedictorian Quinlan Ferrante also spoke of the future, encouraging his classmates to try new things. He emphasized that they had already made an impact, but that they “will now have a huge impact on the world.” He added that they have experienced a very positive and unifying experience in Locust Valley.

In her salutatory address, Pamela Guerra explained that what made this class special is the fact that they united together and supported one another. She said that their actions “speak volumes about the character of [the] class.”

Congratulations and good luck to the incredible Class of 2016!