The high school guidance department has been working to make the college application process as smooth as possible for juniors and seniors. With so many colleges to choose from, finding a way to narrow down those choices is one way to make the process more manageable. Holding college mini-fairs at the high school is the perfect way to do that. 

These fairs introduce students to admissions representatives from a variety of colleges and universities, giving them the opportunity to learn about the schools’ academics, student life, athletics and more through personal conversations. Meeting these representatives in person can also give high school seniors an advantage over their peers applying to the same schools. 

Making a connection with college admissions officers can be very helpful throughout the application process, said LVHS Assistant Principal Michelle Villa. “After face-to-face meetings, students are encouraged to follow up with the college representatives they met,” she said. “This opens the door to a relationship, and these representatives often remember the impression a student made on them.

Additionally, the college fairs allow juniors and seniors to gather information about many schools in a short period of time. They may learn about a school that they had not considered previously. Students attend the fairs with prepared questions in order to get the most out of their experience.