Third graders became teachers when their classes at Bayville Intermediate School collaborated with kindergarten classes from Bayville Primary School. The younger students visited third-grade classes to prepare for their field trip to the Queens Zoo.

Third grade teachers Pamela Loher and Christine Arthur welcomed students from the kindergarten classes of Eleanor Madsen and Jenifer LeMieux to work with their students on reports about animals.

Ben Cote, a student in Mrs. Loher’s class enjoyed teaching his kindergarten partner how to research facts about the bald eagle and create a PowerPoint presentation on their findings. “It was kind of fun working with a little kid. You never get a chance to do that, to show them stuff,” he explained.

Mrs. Loher said the collaboration included working on Chromebooks, creating slides, editing, researching and alliteration.

Mrs. Madsen said that her students were enthusiastic about learning from older children whom they look up to as role models. She added that this was a wonderful introduction to more advanced research and writing. 

“The third graders were instrumental in helping the kindergartners document interesting facts about each animal's special physical features, their eating preferences and the habitat they live in,” explained Mrs. LeMieux. 

The kindergartners learned valuable skills, enjoyed the lessons and were well prepared for the trip to the zoo, ready to identify facts about the animals they saw.