Having a buddy can make many things more fun to do and reading is no different. Sometimes that buddy can be a role model too. Students in the primary schools recently enjoyed having reading buddies from the high school’s ninth-grade honors English classes. These teenage role models visited second graders at Ann MacArthury Primary and Bayville Primary Schools to create a positive reading experience for both age groups.

The ninth graders enjoyed reconnecting with their favorite books from childhood and the second-graders were inspired by reading buddies to read more. Using The Magic Treehouse series of books, the groups not only read, but also participated in an imaginative craft related to the book series.

The program also helped promote leadership skills for the high school students. English teacher Coleen Comerford said the program was a success. “The ninth-graders embraced being teachers for the afternoon.”

Ann MacArthur Primary School Principal, Dr. Sophia Gary agreed that the reading buddies had a positive impact on the second graders. “Our young readers were motivated by their older buddies to read even more and they were thrilled to know that the books they are reading still appeal to teenagers!”