Three Bayville Intermediate School students have earned recognition for their outstanding writing abilities. Karina Hernandez, Abigail Maselli and Jonah Santoro, all in Maureen Pederson’s fourth-grade class were each first-place winners in writing contests that highlighted their creativity and their skill in the use of different writing techniques.  

Karina and Jonah each won the Nassau Young Author’s Writing Contest for their personal narratives. They were the only two winners for their age group from among hundreds of submissions. They both used writing techniques such as figurative language, show don’t tell, dialogue, internal thoughts and feelings and onomatopoeia. Their narratives focused on small moments in their lives and zoomed in on that time to help the reader visualize and “feel” what was happening.  

Karina described a time when her father brought her zeppoles from a fair and the powdered treat covered her face as she ate it. Jonah described the unrestful feeling of going through an adventure park, including the tightening of the harness belt and his knees feeling like clouds. Both students were recognized during a ceremony at Molloy College.

Abigail won the Long Island Language Arts Council writing contest for her age group. She submitted two pieces of writing. The first was her personal narrative about receiving a typewriter for Christmas. She described her love of writing and that the typewriter was the best present she could receive. She also wrote in detail the feelings she had when the typewriter did not immediately work, and then the euphoria as she finally heard the click, click, click of its keys.  Her second piece was in response to the writing prompt, “We Are More Alike Than Different.” She wrote a poem explaining that we all really do have similar interests even though we may be different, and how that bonds us all together. Abigail was recognized at a ceremony in Bay Shore.

Congratulations to Karina, Abigail and Jonah for their outstanding efforts!