The best advice about college comes from college students themselves, which is why Locust Valley High School alumni were invited to return to the high school and share their college experiences with current students. Twenty former Falcons came back to the familiar hallways to impart their wisdom on roommates, professors, course selections, managing the workload, clubs and everything else collegiate.

The alumni and current students met in small groups, creating environments in which it was easy to ask questions and have informal conversations. The three groups joined together for a question and answer session at the end of the program, before recessing to lunch. Ranging from freshmen to seniors, the college students encouraged the high schoolers to take advantage of all that the colleges have to offer, to manage their time well and to reach out to their professors for help when needed. Not leaving assignments to the last minute and making sure to attend classes were at the top of the list of recommendations.  

Many of the visitors said that taking Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses in high school helped prepare them for the rigor of their college courses and helped them learn to balance a heavy workload.

High School Assistant Principal Michelle Villa said that hearing about college from their peers is the most effective way for seniors to understand how to make the choices that they are facing. “Not only must these students decide where to continue their education, they must also navigate many choices once in college,” she said. “They will need to manage a budget and their time while making new friends and learning the lay of the land.” Since this can all be overwhelming, she said hearing the successful stories from recent graduates can help to ease the transition.