As the entire nation commemorated the 11th anniversary of 9-11, students at each of the LVCSD schools marked the day in special ways as well. At the middle school and high school, special public service announcements were made that included a 9-11 reading, the singing of the Star Spangled banner by the LVHS Concert Chorale and the playing of “Taps.”

At the elementary schools, students dressed patriotically - in red, white, and blue. Some students created their own American flags and others wrote about why they are proud to be American or what they are thankful for. The soldiers who work to protect the rights of Americans, their families, food, and peace were among the things students were thankful for.  

“It is very important for students to remember this event and how it forever left an imprint on the life of every single American,” said David Ethe, Coordinator of Social Studies. “It is also a time to honor the thousands of people who died that day.”