It feels like a new school year, with students filling the hallways, auditorium, cafeteria, and athletic fields. Although school has not yet begun (the first day is September 4th), students have eagerly returned for orientations, practices, and more!

The sixth and ninth graders attended orientations on Wednesday, August 29, learning important tips from administrators, guidance counselors, teachers, and upperclassmen.

Sixth graders were paired with seventh graders and given tours of the middle school, taught how to work their new combination locks, and generally schooled in how to survive middle school. With individual schedules in hand, the seventh grade tour guides showed each student how to get to all of their classes, when to go to their lockers, and encouraged them to participate in extracurricular activities such as clubs. LVMS Assistant Principal Michael LoGerfo went over the rules of the middle school, including anti bullying policies.

Ninth graders were also given tours of a side of the building they may not be as familiar with, although they are fairly comfortable since the middle school and high school share certain amenities such as the gymnasium and auditorium.  

This newest class in the high school also heard about academic success from Principal Kieran McGuire, class selection and scheduling from the guidance department, and so much more including athletics, note taking, and study skills.
Upperclassmen also provided valuable insight into high school success.

Welcome to the high school Class of 2016 and the graduating Class of 2019.
And of course, welcome to the entire student body!