Each year the district welcomes a few new staff members due to retirements, medical leaves, and a variety of other reasons. At the new hire orientation, these eager teachers were provided with much needed information about their new jobs and how things work in Locust Valley. Representatives from Human Resources and Superintendent Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund were among those that welcomed the group. We hope you will join us in giving a warm welcome to the following new faculty members:

AnnMarie Buonaspina, MS/HS Music Teacher

Elizabeth DeGennaro, MS/HS English/Reading Teacher

Lizbeth Fichera, HS Guidance Counselor (Leave replacement through December)

Marie Fonzo, Bayville Intermediate , Grade 3

Alison Gallagher, MS, Social Studies

James Healy, MS Mathematics Part Time

Robert Hendrick, HS Foreign Language (Italian)

Sara Kuitwaard, MS Guidance (Leave replacement through February)

Danielle Parente, Locust Valley Intermediate, ESL (Leave replacement through June)

JZ Qu, HS Mathematics

Cynthia Quinn, Locust Valley Intermediate, Grade 4

Cristina Ramirez-Sullivan, HS Foreign Language

Stacey Singer, Locust Valley Intermediate, Grade 5

Caroline Sumcizk, Bayville Primary, Kindergarten (Leave Replacement through June)

Anna Valentino-Terrado, HS Foreign Language (Spanish/Italian)