People are often surprised to find out how busy it is throughout the school district during the summer. From teaching Regents review courses to finalizing the entire master schedule for the new school year, summer is always bustling. Summer is also the perfect time for necessary capital improvement projects. Careful consideration is taken before any of these projects are approved, and all are done with the safety and well-being of our students, staff and community in mind.

One of these projects is the replacement of the boilers at Bayville Intermediate School. The boilers, which were 48 years old, were not only becoming costly to maintain, but were also no longer as efficient as newer boilers could be. By replacing the corroding boilers, Bayville Intermediate will now have efficient, natural gas boilers that will be safe, efficient and cost-effective.

At the high school, the retaining walls were deteriorating badly. The existing concrete walls have been repaired on numerous occasions, but weathering and water intrusion with freeze/thaw cycles have deteriorated the walls beyond further repair efforts. By replacing the retaining walls, further expense for repair and liability is reduced. This project will be completed during the summer of 2013.