College Fairs Offers Something for Everyone

Three students fill put forms for a college thumbnail95911
With a record number of colleges and universities in attendance, Locust Valley High School hosted a college fair that offered something for everyone. The event was held for sophomores, juniors and their parents with the intent of exposing them to as much information as possible as they begin to navigate the college application process.
The high school gymnasium was lined with tables, manned by admissions representatives from a wide variety of universities, spanning the country, ranging in size and offering a diverse scope of programs. Some of the schools in attendance brought representatives from their disability programs and spokesmen from the United States Army and Marine Corps were also available to provide information and answer questions.
“We worked hard to ensure that our students were offered the opportunity to meet with as many school representatives as possible,” said High School Assistant Principal Michelle Villa. “As students begin to decide where to apply, it is beneficial to learn as much as possible about the pros and cons of each type of school, including its location, size and programs offered.”
Ms. Villa said students were coached on the types of questions to ask in order to make their experience at the college fair as beneficial as possible.