The simple act of receiving a greeting card can put a smile on your face, and opening a handmade card is even more special. Local veterans will feel greatly appreciated when they read the special Valentine’s Day cards created just for them by students at Bayville Intermediate School and Bayville Primary School.

Every class in the school made “Valentines for Veterans” in the hopes of putting smiles on the faces of those who have served our country. In addition to benefitting the veterans, students learned from the experience.

“Each student felt pride in the card he or she designed and learned how it feels to do something for someone you don’t even know,” explained Bayville Intermediate Principal Scott McElhiney.

Mrs. Jodi Irizarry said her fifth-grade students at Bayville Intermediate enjoyed the chance to be creative and even learned new art techniques during the process. “They really wanted the cards to be nice,” she said. “They created pop-up hearts, cutout designs, and wrote heartfelt messages.”

The Valentine’s Day cards will be sent to the Nassau County Veterans Service Agency.