Joining fun and physical fitness together, field day is a favorite of students and staff alike. This year was no different, with sunny skies and cool breezes gracing the fields of the elementary schools. Parents and siblings gathered around to watch these Olympic style athletes perform at the top of their games!

With the summer Olympic games around the corner, the schools have been using an Olympic theme for field day games. From opening ceremonies including a parade of countries to the carrying of the torch, students have been having fun while using skills they learned throughout the year.

Physical education teachers organized the field days in each school, preparing children for weeks to participate in a safe event. “While it seems like it’s just a day of fun, the events are thoughtfully planned,” said Mark J. Dantuono, Director of Health, Physical Education, and Athletics. “In addition to physical activities, other important skills have been incorporated into the games to reinforce the physical education curriculum.” Mr. Dantuono explained that life skills such as teamwork are also emphasized. Learning to work together is an important concept, especially for the fifth graders about to transition into the middle school.