Students at Bayville Intermediate School had the opportunity to view the Earth in its entirety, just like astronauts do! With the help of a 19-foot inflated model of the Earth, third through fifth-grade students learned about landforms and oceans, the continents, rainforests and deserts, animal life, plate tectonics, and so much more.

While the giant Earth balloon’s massive size is impressive from the outside, the geologists-in-training also experienced our planet from the inside, as they entered the balloon for a video presentation projected onto its interior.

The experience offered Bayville students a new sense of perspective of size, scale and distance as they learned that each inch of the balloon, which is created to scale, represents 60 miles of actual land or water.

The BOCES program was brought to the school by the Bayville PTA.

“This presentation was an incredible educational experience for our students,” stated Scott McElhiney, principal of the school. “It was a dynamic way to reinforce the geography portion of the curriculum at each grade level, engaging the students with such impressive visuals. We appreciate the PTA’s generosity in providing students with activities that are both fun and educational.”