In celebration of Bayville Primary School’s 50th Birthday, students and staff buried a time capsule containing items that represent the school as it is today. From their favorite books and games, to a shoe representing popular fashions, the capsule contains a moment in time from June 7, 2012.

“We hope that on June 7, 2037, when Bayville Primary celebrates 75 years, the students will open the time capsule and discover what children their age liked twenty five years earlier,” said Bayville Primary School Assistant Principal Dorothy McManus.

Besides celebrating this milestone, students learned important lessons as each class decided what item would best represent them in the time capsule and why it was important. Two students from each class read a description of what they chose and explained the significance. Classes chose items such as a book of knock-knock jokes, because “kids our age love these kinds of jokes” and a portable video game, because they take it in the car, to the beach, and everywhere else. A special flag was created for the event, designed by the students.

The birthday party was supposed to include digging up the time capsule buried 25 years ago, however that capsule couldn’t be found. A map left by those who it buried it, did not have measurements or clear enough directions. Ms. McManus said that many people who were at BP 25 years ago told her where it was buried, but none of those places proved to be correct.

Photos, maps, and lists of those in attendance at this event are being kept for the future, so this time capsule can be an important part of Bayville Primary School’s 75th birthday celebration.