A group of Locust Valley High School students has the ability to make a room full of people laugh, cry, and gasp in shock – all in one night. During the Sixth Annual Writers/ Directors’ Spring Showcase, students performed dramatic and comedic dialogues from original scripts for a packed house.
Working with faculty advisors/directors, Lawrence Lynch and Adele Bolitho, thirteen skits were performed in front of a live audience. The event, which takes place twice each year, gives students an opportunity to express their emotions, creativity, and inner most thoughts. “The showcase gives students a chance to explore their writing, directing, and acting skills all in one place,” said Mr. Lynch. “They learn how to rework their scripts to improve their performance and they are very supportive of each other.”

The group, which meets after school, is open to all students and has been growing in the six years since it began. This year’s performance, with 13 scripts, was the largest show yet. “The students learn so much and really enjoy it,” said Ms. Bolitho. “They bond with each other, making new friends and trying new things."

Congratulations to the following writers, directors, and performers:

Pete Barell, Rhonda Drewes, Laura Doukas,  Anne Hollmuller,  Shivangi Kakar, Richard Kihm,  Christian Manzi, Zinia Morici, Jamie Murcott, Samantha Prosser, Ernest Schieferstein,  Annarose Settepani , Jessica Turner, Cassandra Vnook, Victor Cafaro, John Ciarletta, Dylan Gelbard, Mitch Guadagni , Stela Ieraci, and Sean Rudowsky.