Locust Valley students from each of our schools immediately sprang into action upon hearing of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. In such a civic minded school district, there was no shortage of plans help.

In Bayville, the school’s SADD Club and Student Council are working together on a coin collection for the Haitian disaster victims. “Our students and club advisors wanted to help, as they always do when people are in need,” said Principal Scott McElhiney. “The school as a whole felt that we had to do something for those people less fortunate than ourselves. I am so proud of our student body for always putting others first.”

Across town in the Locust Valley elementary schools, the earthquake hit a little closer to home, as one student has family in Haiti who has not yet been heard from. Her class is coordinating a collection as well, and is thinking of other ways they can help. Principal, Dr.Sophia Gary said the children want to help anyway, but knowing that one of their classmates has actually been affected by this tragedy makes them even more eager to do something. “They understand that the people in Haiti have nothing and that they have the ability to help. They want to do as much as they can,” Dr. Gary said. The student council is also organizing a fundraiser.

Locust Valley Middle School and High School are also each holding coin drives in an effort to help. Middle School students are collecting coins in common areas of the school such as the Principal’s office, cafeteria, and in social studies classes. “The student government is always performing community service, so this is nothing new for them,” explained Middle School Principal Dr. John Christie. “As soon as they heard of the disaster, they started thinking of ways to help.”

Besides the coin drive at the high school, Interact Club advisor Amy Watson said students will organize one or two bake sales to raise money. “All of our clubs are going to work together on raising as much money as we can,” Mrs. Watson noted. “Our students are extremely civic minded and could never stand by without doing something in a situation like this one.”  High School Principal Dr. Kieran McGuire said he had no doubt that his student body and faculty would band together to help. “Our students and staff are always devoting time and energy to altruistic acts,” he explained. “I knew this time would be no different.”