The Locust Valley High School TV production class experienced the thrill of filming a live event and at the same time, the concert band learned what it was like to play in front of television cameras.

The two groups came together in a collaborative lesson that was mutually beneficial, providing valuable experience for all the students involved.

Robert Zahn, Locust Valley High School’s TV Production teacher, said his students had the opportunity to put all the skills they’ve learned together and experience the feeling of a live TV shoot. “These students have learned how to use the cameras, what to look for, and how to put it all together,” Mr. Zahn stated. “Filming a live concert that they cannot stop because they missed the angle – that’s knowledge they can’t gain otherwise.”

Using professional television studio cameras, including a jib, which is on a crane, the young camera technicians listened to the calls from the director through headsets. The technical director, in front of a panel of screens, selected the shots to use, from swooping shots to closeups, while another student was in charge of audio and the whole crew worked together to create a seamless live production. “It’s invaluable for these aspiring filmmakers and camera operators to understand that the chaotic environment in which they hear directions being yelled out and changes being made in an instant, actually produces an end product that appears smooth and easy,” noted Mr. Zahn.