Washington D.C. became a giant classroom for approximately 140 eighth grade students as they experienced first-hand the very things they have been learning about in their Social Studies classes. Coordinated by the Middle School Parents’ Council, the three-day trip brought the students, along with faculty and parent chaperones to many of our nation’s historical sites including Fort McHenry, the White House, Washington Monument, Capitol Building, World War II Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, United States Holocaust Museum, and all of the major museums in Washington D.C., among other important sites.

Social Studies curriculum leader David Ethe said the trip enabled students to receive a better understanding of the lessons they are being taught. “When they can visualize something that they have been studying, it provides them with a different and meaningful perspective about United States history that they will never forget,” he said.

Special thanks to the parents for working so hard to make this trip a reality for the students, and to the administrators and teachers who enhanced the experience.