Locust Valley Middle School students had an opportunity to see a piece of history firsthand thanks to a LVCSD resident.

Penny McElwain’s eighth-grade honors social studies class has been studying the Industrial Revolution and the important people and things that made that time period such a relevant part of American history. Henry Ford, the assembly line, mass production, and the growth and importance of the auto industry were a big part of this social studies unit.

Local resident Mr. Walka drove his 1930 Model A Ford to the middle school to give the class an opportunity to see for themselves what came out of the very time period they were learning about. Mr. Walka, who has a stepchild in Mrs. McElwain’s class, restored the Model A with his father and now drives it for pleasure and enters the vehicle into competitions.

Social Studies Chairperson David Ethe said the class curriculum was enhanced by Mr. Walka’s visit. “This authentic car enriched the students’ knowledge and interest in this time period in United States history.”

Thank you Mr. Walka, for taking the time to share this special piece of history with Locust Valley students!