Through an educational exchange program, 28 LVHS students and three staff members spent Spring Recess in Denmark. The ten day trip was the second part of the exchange program, which began with Danish students and staff visiting LVHS in October.  

In both cases, visitors stayed with local host families and attended school with their host students. In addition to the cultural exchange gained by sharing family life with their Danish counterparts, the students toured extensively in Copenhagen, visited the 13th century cathedral and the home of Hans Christian Andersen in Odense, and the art museum in Aarhus, a city renowned for art since medieval times. Students’ academic activities included projects on social mobility and comparisons of governmental roles in society.

The exchange was organized and chaperoned by IB Coordinator Robert Buonaspina, Mrs. Kathleen Tisch, and LVHS Principal Dr. Kieran McGuire. Additionally, several parents joined the group and served as chaperones.

“There is no better way to learn about a country, a culture, or people than by becoming immersed in their society,” said Dr. McGuire. “The education our students gained in those ten days could never be learned in a classroom.”

In addition to the architecture, culture, and history that were part of the experience, students made friendships that will last a long time. Dr. McGuire said that having friends in other parts of the world can enhance one’s life in many ways, broadening one’s perspectives and appreciation of how other societies solve problems that are common to the human experience.

Attending school with their Danish counterparts offered the Locust Valley students an opportunity for comparison of the governments, social issues, entertainment, sports, and more. The exchange was a success on all levels, and plans to continue the program are underway.

Photo Caption:

Locust Valley High School Students and their Danish counterparts pose in from of Hans Christian Anderson’s childhood home in Odense, Denmark.