Locust Valley High School students competed in the Protein Modeling Challenge for High School Students and performed very well. It was the first time Locust Valley has entered this competition, hosted by the Center for Science and Mathematics Education (CESAME) at SUNY Stony Brook, and Sponsored by the OSI Pharmaceuticals Foundation.

Two teams of three students each presented their entries to the judges, the Graduate Students in the Biological Sciences at SUNY Stony Brook as well as scientists and Engineers from OSI.

This event has three parts: a pre-built model (Part I), an on-site build model (Part II) and an on-site exam (Part III).  Team 1 seniors Nick Panetta, Michael Schramm, and John Bruscella.  Team 2 included junior Patricia Roth, and sophomores Jaime Jaget and Cristina Boutros. Team 2 will become team 1 for next year’s competition, giving them the experience they need to do even better than this year.