Students in Locust Valley Middle School’s Home and Careers class are learning how to make healthy choices.  Eating healthy is important, but it can be confusing to decipher all the nutrition information about a particular food. Nutrition labels offer a lot of data, but it is not useful if you don’t understand it. That’s why Home and Careers teacher Meris First assigned her students a project that taught them how to analyze a food label.

Students recently collected five labels from foods they found in their pantries at home. They were taught what each line means … the fat, protein, calorie, fiber, and carbohydrate content. By utilizing research skills and computer skills, the students created charts and graphs that broke down the nutrition content of each food, helping them to understand what makes a food healthy or unhealthy.

The lesson was a collaboration of health and careers, computer class, and community service, as students brought in cans and boxes of the foods they were analyzing to donate to Island Harvest.