BI students care about the environment and after learning that plastic bottle caps were the second most littered object on the beach, next to cigarette butts, they decided to do something.  Through a collaborative effort among many subject areas, the students collected these bottle caps and decided to re-purpose them.

After placing signs and collection bins around the community and within the school, many bottle caps were received. Art teacher, Erin Keys, library media specialist, Paige Coppola, computer lab teaching assistant, Debbie McKillen and gifted and talented teacher, Joe Aragonesi, all pitched in to help the students make a difference.

With the collection including bottle caps in a wide array of colors and sizes, the students worked together to recreate the famous Van Gogh painting "Starry Night," using only the bottle caps. Since students in all grades at BI study Van Gogh, the project tied into the curriculum perfectly.

Students and staff at BI hope that by collecting the bottle caps and re-purposing them, the items won’t end up in the ocean waters, and marine life won’t be harmed by them.

Since the bottle cap donations are still coming in, the school has decided to continue with the recycling effort. Next year's project will be a butterfly mural since the third graders study the monarch butterfly each year.