Members of the LVHS book club love to read. They love it so much that they want to promote reading and pass their passion on to the younger students at the middle school. In order to do this, they held a “Read-Cycle” Book Exchange. Serving two purposes, this book swap offered students a chance to recycle books they had already read while giving them the opportunity to acquire new books to enjoy.
Middle School students brought their gently used, middle-school level books to school and received a ticket from the HS Book Club for each book they donated. On the day of the “Read-cycle” Book Exchange, each student could redeem their tickets for books brought in by other students.

The event was an excellent opportunity to expose children to a variety of literature, to encourage recycling, and for the younger students to see how highly the high school students value reading. “The High School Book Club members set a wonderful example for the middle school students,” said Library Media Chairperson Barbara Mierlak. “Hopefully, the younger students will be inspired to join the book club when they enter the high school.” Ms. Mierlak is also the advisor for the Book Club.