He may not be as famous as that big purple dinosaur, but Sparky, the blue and orange dinosaur who serves as the mascot for The NY Islanders has some important messages to share with children.  Sparky did just that when he visited the Bayville Elementary Schools to promote healthy living and good decision making.

The students at BP and BI, many dressed in Islanders jerseys, welcomed Sparky with applause and cheers and took his message to heart. Sparky, along with the NY Islanders Arena Hostess, Dina, shared a video in which team members explained the importance of making smart decisions. These decisions include eating right, drinking plenty of water, getting exercise every day, and staying away from drugs. Dina and Sparky quizzed the students afterwards to see what they remembered and Bayville got it all right! They repeated back to Sparky and Dina that they should eat vegetables and fruit, while avoiding candy and cake. They said they would dance, do gymnastics, play soccer, football, and hockey, and walk the dog for exercise.

Bayville Elementary Assistant Principal Dorothy McManus said the program reinforces the messages they teach all year long. “Coming from a fun, larger than life mascot makes the lesson fun and memorable for them,” she explained.  “They look forward to it and talk about long after The Islanders are gone.”